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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States - Address
+1 800-576-4377 - Phone Number

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Kroger is an American retailer company founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. It’s the 2nd largest retail store following WalMart and has more than 2,600 locations in United States, Kroger is a public company it earns revenue of $108 billion (Approx.) in USD as announced publicly in 2014 financial statements. All of the locations are administered by a set of employees of which sum up reaches to 343,500+, the products which are available in the stores includes general Grocery items, Pharmacy, Vitamins, Personal Care, Supplements, Meat and Seafood, Deli and Bakery, Produce, Frozen Foods, Dairy, Beverages and Snacks, Baking Aisle, Cereal, General Grocery, and gluten-free foods.

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